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Kristine Carmela Guadalupe
  They "uncensored" alot of it I don't why people act like it's not uncensored... At all. Which it is because other-wise it wouldn't say "uncensored" for no reason. And they have to censor some of the words because they can be really dirty and crude. And if that was me I'd censor some of it too. But one question, how come when I bought this DVD it didn't have the "Cast Interviews". Hmm.....? And says in special features "Cast Interviews". Well I don't care as long as I have uncensored "Season Two" episodes. Thatz all I care about. Fani Kyriakou
  I bought 8 of them to cover my Florida room sofa and chairs' cushions. Fit perfectly and washes great. Has held up for 3 months with several washings. I have a 70 lb. English Bulldog who thinks the sofa is his! So if these sheets can hold up against that kind of use, they surly will hold up to a lot of use for an infant. Great buy and service from merchant.
Updated review: Have had for 2 years now and still in excellent shape. My fear was they would form mildew from being in the Florida Room and all the humidity we have in Florida. they have not and still I have no snags from the dog claws. No shrinking from all the washing. Still in great shape from all the people sitting on them. Great product!
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